Sarah, a seasoned executive coach with over 18 years of experience, stands as a guiding force in leadership development. As the founder of Win-Win Coaching and a former Vice-Chair for SCORE, she is recognized as one of nine experts on the US Chamber of Commerce’s “Ask an Expert” section. Armed with a Master’s Degree in Organizational Behavior and Executive Coaching, Sarah excels in organizational design, talent management, and championing diversity and inclusion. In her current role as an internal Executive Coach for a major financial firm, she adeptly supports over 1000 employees.

Committed to community contribution, Sarah dedicates her skills to the Collin Small Business Development Center, aiding entrepreneurs in shaping successful business strategies. Beyond her professional pursuits, she finds joy in exploring diverse cultures, weaving these experiences into her coaching methods for a more enriched and globally-informed perspective.






Musical Tastes: My musical interests range from jazz to pop, country, folk, and blues, reflecting my diverse tastes and moods. The best concert I ever attended was by Garth Brooks, and the Rolling Stones were unforgettable. Aerosmith is next on my concert bucket list.Leveraging Technology: Zoom has been a game-changer for me, enabling coaching sessions with professionals as far as India and Japan, highlighting the power of technology in bridging global distances.Community Involvement: Volunteering with SCORE, I mentor budding entrepreneurs, and I cherish my time spent with residents in assisted living facilities, where I get to hear and learn from their incredible life stories.

Inspirational Reads: I am deeply influenced by the books “The Courage to Be Disliked” and “Think Again.” These have reshaped my perspective on personal growth and the importance of challenging existing beliefs.

Fun Facts about Sarah

Travel and Conservation: My safari experience in South Africa was transformative. Witnessing the big five in their natural habitat deepened my commitment to animal conservation and the importance of preserving natural ecosystems.

Sports Enthusiast: As a former competitor in gymnastics, volleyball, softball, golf, and tennis, I’ve learned the value of discipline and teamwork. Now, I enjoy playing pickleball and am an unwavering fan of the Green Bay Packers. No matter where I am, my heart remains with the cheeseheads!

Language and Learning: I studied German for seven years but now stick to the basics. My aspiration is to learn conversational Italian and Spanish, reflecting my love for languages and cultural exploration.

Coffee Preference: My go-to drink for over two decades has been the non-fat Chai Latte. It’s not just a beverage for me; it’s a ritual that symbolizes warmth, comfort, and a moment of peace amidst a busy day.

Nature and Exploration: My passion for nature goes hand-in-hand with my love for exploring new cultures and landmarks. From the ancient Acropolis to the whimsical fairy chimneys in Cappadocia, the majestic Table Mountain in Cape Town, the artistic marvel of Sagrada Familia in Barcelona, the pristine white sand beaches in Mexico, to the towering heights of Dubai’s skyscrapers – each experience enhances my appreciation for diversity and inspires fresh perspectives in my personal and professional life.

Problem Solving as Opportunity: In my coaching practice, I take pride in guiding clients to reframe their challenges as opportunities. Rather than directly solving problems for them, I empower them to discover their own solutions, fostering growth, resilience, and a proactive mindset.

Sarah can be reached at [email protected]